Railway Engineer interview Questions

1.The length of each fish plate is


2.Rail chairs are used to fix

Double head rails

3.The bearing plates are used to fix ……… rails on wooden sleepers

4.Flat bearing

The main purpose of using bearing plate is to

Distribute the pressure over wider area,eliminate the adzing of wooden sleepers,preventing the widening of gauge of curves

5.Creeping of rails can be checked by using


6.On Indian railways , minimum formation width in embankment for a single line of board gauge ,is


7.The device used for changing the direction of the engines is called

Turn table

8.The device provided to prevent the vehicles from moving beyond the end of rail at terminals is called

Buffer stops

9.The distance between the running edge of the stock and switch rails at the switch heel ,is called

Heel clearance

10.The distance between the adjacent faces of the stock rail and the check rail , is called

Flange way clearance

11.Stock rails are fitted

Against tongue clearance

12.The switch angle is the angle subtended between the gauge faces of the

Stock rail and check

13.The distance between the running face of the stock rail and toe of the tongue rail is known as

Throw of switch

14.The maximum value of throw of switch for a broad gauge track is


15.In INDIA , the crossing number for passenger turnout is taken as


16.A warner signal ,which is first seen by the driver , is known as

Outer signal

17.The reception signal is

Outer signal ,home signal

18.In a shunting signal , if the red band is horizontal , it indicates


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